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You are about to discover how you can Win an iPad

This is the best place on the Internet for you to actually win an iPad.

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If you want to Win an iPad you have come to the right place.

Greg Casey -“When I first came across this website. I thought to myself, “how can this software possibly help me to win an actual iPad?”. I thought for less than $1, I had might as well give it a go and I have to say I was delighted when I saw the websites the software listed. Not many people seem to enter these competitions, because they simply don’t know about them… Which is good news for me!”

— Greg Casey – BOSTON, USA

From the laptop of Craig Davenport, London. If you love iPads and want to win an iPad, this site is for you!

To my fellow Apple iPad Lovers,

This is an open letter to you which will explain how you can get yourself an Apple iPad without paying for it. That’s right… getting yourself a free iPad.

Make sure you read to the end, as you will be happy you did!

How to win an ipad

My name is Craig Davenport and I’ve queued up like most people to buy the original Apple iPad when it was launched and I’ve now got the Apple iPad 2; and soon I’ll have my hands on the Apple iPad 3.

These are great little pieces of technology and I highly recommend them. In fact, I know I am sad, but I love my Apple iPad pretty much the same as I love my girlfriend! I really hope she does not read this!

In any case, I was slightly peeved when the iPad 2 came out. You see it wasn’t that long ago that actually purchased the original iPad and I didn’t really want to spend any more money buying the iPad 2 But, I really wanted it and thought there just had to be a way of getting an Apple ipad 2, but for free.

I went online and decided to enter competitions to see if I could win a free iPad 2. I was happy with the original iPad, so if I managed to win the iPad 2… Well, that would just be a real bonus.
I entered competitions through the likes of Mashable, New York Times and other popular websites, but of course I had no luck. After all, thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) other Apple iPad enthusiasts were also entering these competitions. Really, what chance (probability) did I stand to actually win an iPad?


I figured that in order to make it worthwhile (I was spending at least an hour a night searching and entering competitions) I had to find websites, blogs, forums that not many people knew about and therefore the chances of being able to win an iPad were much higher and more likely.

The Win an iPad Software Algorithm

During a period of about six months , I worked out the best algorithm which determined the competitions I would enter. The algorithm consisted of simple factors such as the company who were giving the iPad away were terrible marketers and never really promoted the competition or the competition submission page was lost amongst all billions of pages on the web and it was simply not found; to more complicated factors such as the competition/sweepstake’s Google page rank and the number of backlinks linking to the specific iPad competition/ sweepstake.

And you guessed it!

Eventually I won an iPad 2. ( I think I entered around 25 – 35 competitions before I won).win an ipad

win ipad

I thought there would be other people want also want to win an iPad, but they were never going to spend the HOURS I spent looking for the right competitions.

So, I worked out the exact algorithm I used to find the best websites out there that gave me the best chances of winning… it was simple mathematics, all about probability.

Now it’s your chance to win an iPad for free!

Imagine how great I felt, when I received a brand spanking new Apple iPad 2 through the mail. I can still picture the moment the man from the courier company knocked on my door and asked me to sign for a special delivery.

I was not really sure what the delivery was until I opened it and saw that stunning Apple white box.

Boxed win ipad

Just think, next time you have a knock on your door, it could be the FED EX man delivering your iPad!

Ahh, bliss…

“I’ve just entered my first three competitions to win an iPad. I have to say, I would never have found these websites if it wasn’t for you. All my fingers, and my toes crossed. I will let you know as soon as I win!”
Cindy Miller, California

Introducing my iPad Competition Software Bot

Win an iPad bot

Click here STRAIGHT AWAY and follow these 2 simple steps to win an iPad.

Let me introduce the Win an iPad 2 Bot… a piece of software I personally developed to find the best websites to win an iPad. I am a developer by trade (my day job), and I am quite proud of this piece of software.

This innovative piece of software crawls the Internet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at lightning speed to find the best places online (which adhere to the algorithm which won me an iPad) and lists the websites in expiry date order in the ‘Premium Content’ section of this website.

Some days the software picks up many websites and other days the software picks up only one or two websites where you can win an iPad.

To won an iPad – Quality over Quantity is a real truism here…

The whole point of the software is to find you the best chance websites where you can win an iPad.

There is simply no point in listing any websites where thousands of other like-minded individuals are entering competitions or sweepstakes to also win an iPad.

This is because your chances of actually winning the iPad are very, very small.

It would therefore not make any sense to offer the software to thousands of people as then the websites that the software finds will receive far too much traffic which will completely defeat the object of listing ‘high probability’ webpages where you can win an iPad.

You see, my members don’t want thousands of other people trying to win the same iPad as them, so I decided to keep the membership numbers done to only 30 people a month (one a day).

This way I can share all the webpages where you can possibly win an iPad, knowing that I am not contributing to thousands of people who want to enter the competition and win.

I limit the win an ipad signups to only one person every day. Simple.

I often have a waiting list, so if the website does not let you sign up to the ‘premium content’, it simply means that today’s slot has been taken and if possible please try again tomorrow.

A little tip: try signing up at 12.01am… This means you will take the days slot early!

What does it cost?

“This is such a small price to pay for the kind of competitions your software is finding. Just one stick of gum a month will pay for this. Super software to win an iPad.”
David Rudman, Berkshire, UK

I’m a pretty successful software developer so I don’t need the money, I only want to cover my costs and share this secret way of winning an iPad.

Imagine the day when you get your iPad through the mail… and what has it cost you?

I offer this software out at $1 a MONTH… less than a pack of gum….

3 and a bit cents a day to be exact! For only 3 cents a day you will have instant access to all the websites that the software bot finds.

The ‘Premium Content’ area is not updated daily… it’s updated hourly and all competitions are listed in expiry date order… so you better move quick to enter the competitions that end today!

It works out at only 10 cents a day and you can cancel at any time… in fact, I urge you too, so others can join the club when you leave… there is always a waiting list.

Try the win an ipad software out for FREE for 3 days!

I only allow 30 new members a month – one a day.

Click on button below now and go win yourself an iPad!

“Win an iPad”


Good luck with winning yourself an iPad.
Craig Davenport

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P.P.P.S. Don’t fancy purchasing membership to the ‘Premium Content’ area?

Not to worry, here’s other free ways you can get your hands on an Apple iPad for free!

There are a number of ways how you can get an iPad for free.

Let’s first talk about how to win an iPad

As already mentioned above you can, of course, enter standard competitions to win an iPad however the likelihood of you winning is very low. If you are to enter a competition, say in the New York Times, or Mashable, you will be competing against hundreds if not thousands of other people who also want to win an iPad.

The best chance you can have to win an iPad is to enter competitions that not many people know about. And the best way of finding these competitions is to surf the Internet and find websites that have a certain criteria which gives you the best chance of winning the iPad. For example, webpages that have a low Google page rank. You see, when a website has low page rank, most people will not find these websites and therefore most people will not enter the competitions. This gives you a better chance of winning that iPad.

As you can imagine, surfing the Internet to win an iPad can take quite some time. Let alone trying to win an iPad where you are eligible, for example US only competitions, or you can only enter competitions if you are this or that, etc.

I want to help you win an iPad, so I developed the win an iPad software which lists the best webpages where you can win an iPad.

“Win an iPad”

Other ways to win an iPad

You can also get an iPad for free, where you do not have to enter any competitions.

The secret…

Not many people know this, nonetheless I will share a secret with you now.

There are many places where companies offer you the chance for a free iPad where all we have to do is submit your e-mail address, your zip code, or your cellphone number in return for an iPad.

There is no such thing as a free meal (or in our case a free iPad), so some companies are willing to give you an Apple iPad in return for all different things.

These include you taking part in surveys… So all you are giving up is your time rather than money. They may want you to try out product or service or perhaps get a quote from an insurance company as an example.

Most people don’t do this because they think there is small print somewhere suggesting that in the end then paying for their ‘free’ iPad.

It is not always the case, so if you’re smart you take two minutes to read the small print and see if you can get your hands on a free Apple iPad.

You can either enter competitions to win iPad or you can simply enter your e-mail address and get one that way.

If you think you are going to be spammed, simply put a Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail e-mail address. This way even if you feel you are getting spammed, you can’t be bothered to opt out, e-mails will not be going to your main e-mail address.

So fill in your e-mail address on the top right of this page and I will e-mail you everytime I find a new way you can get your hands on a free iPad or perhaps you might want to win an iPad.

To get you started, here are a few offers:

**NOTE, I have heard good reports where people have been getting a free iPad from here: American Brands iPad Offer.

**WIN IPAD UPDATE 12 February 2012, Here is a super offer to win an iPad. You just need to answer three simple questions. The first is your gender: Win Daily Gadgets iPad Offer.

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“Great website. Thanks for the tips… I’ve attached a photo in case you want to use it for the website… I think it is a brilliant idea and a happy to offer you a testimonial.”
Warren Kidwell, Massachusetts
Michael John -“Every day I look to see if the iPad software has found any more competitions. I enter them religiously… Watch this space.. I will win an iPad!”


Now’s your chance to win an ipad.

Click here STRAIGHT AWAY and follow these 2 simple steps to win an iPad.


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